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  When you’ve got some downtime and want to explore aspects of who you are, or get some guidance on potential career paths, take a look at the best free online personality tests I’ve compiled below. Whether you’re interested in general information about your personality, or emotional intelligence-related insight, you’re bound to learn something. 16 Personalities Personality Perfect Human Metrics TestColor Crystal   123Test Interpersonal Skills assessment Sokanu   Berkeley Emotional Intelligence VeryWellMind Empathy Quotient
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life is a manifestation of where you direct your energy if I took energy and I invest it into something negative it will grow and become more negative. if I took energy invested in something positive it will grow and become more positive. Energy has no ability to discriminate between what is positive and what’s negative wherever you invest energy into starts to grow and manifests into your life. You are the sum total of where you’ve been investing your energy throughout your entire life. The goal in life is really to figure out what it is that you want. What is your purpose is in life? who and what is important in your life and to be able to Direct Energy towards that so that you can manifest that in your life.  

The Heros Journey

Campbell’s most famous book,  The Hero with a Thousand Faces , describes a formula that he called “The Hero’s Journey”. Comparing the Hero’s Journey with the Spiritual Path 1. The Call to Adventure : The protagonist begins in the ordinary world, which could be a village or city in any part of the planet and in any century. He or she then receives a call to adventure. A doorway appears, inviting one to enter an unknown mystical world of strange powers and events, of danger and treasure. The hero who accepts the call must face difficult tasks and trials on the journey to reach the goal. For a spiritualist, the invitation to take initiation is like that. It comes to people at different times in their lives. Often in the past, spiritual initiation was very difficult to obtain―one had to undergo severe tests. Today it is easy; anyone with a sincere desire can learn the basics. However, the tests which follow initiation today are just as hard as in the past. 2. Refusal of the Call : A reluct

Spiritual Awakening

So im asked alot what is it and how do you know if you are having one? It looks different for everyone but here are the basic stages and what they may look like. Stage 1: The wake up call! Chaos- Life changing events like death, near death, serious health issues, relationships ending, painful events that ego has no control over. Spontaneously- Not triggered by pain or suffering. Pain free and completely random. Questions start like, there has to be more to life than this. Stage 2: Bliss! usually comes after but not always after your wake up call. You feel connected, you feel alive. You feel excited about life, xtc like high. The heart is starting to awaken and thats why you are feeling all these beautiful emotions. It doesnt last long! New talents or gifts may show up during this stage also. Stage 3: The great Purge! Things that need healing and releasing in this life time, or past life times. The great purge of the ego we can feel depression, despair, anxiety, lost, no direction, can

Its a wonderful Life

  My favorite Christmas movie is Its a wonderful life, a classic black and white movie i watched with my grandmother as a child. Lessons in this movie are powerful reminders… It’s not just about us. Other lives matter. We are better, richer, because of other people. When we hurt, we hurt others. When we are in pain, we tend to feel we are suffering alone, but this is never the case. When someone we love hurts – we hurt. We can’t hide our pain from people we love. They know. They may not know how to help or even how to express their concern – at least not in a way we will receive it – but they know – and care. We need community. We really do need people in our life. We never realize this more than when we are in need. (I can’t imagine my life personally without the church.) There is power in cooperation. We can do great things when we work together. I love this quote by Aimee Semple McPherson, “With God, I can do great things! But with God and you, and the people who you can interest, b


  Medusa the victim who was punished by judgment. the snakes on her head symbolize the life cycle, rebirth and death. it also symbolizes deception by ego. emotions are jealousy, anger, acceptance and resentment. Lessons we can all learn from Medusa: we can only overcome her by looking in the mirror at her a metaphor for looking inwards. Medusa teaches us that jealousy is dangerous, that anger is useless in the way of destruction, and that we must learn to accept ourselves by doing the inner work. Its a time for reflection. Learn to find beauty in the shadows of ourselves


  Edger Allen Poe published the poem, raven in 1845. A man so distraught by a loss of his beloved. Trying to keep his mind busy in a book. The raven shows us grief, negativity and depression. You can not run from the thoughts but face them. We are hopelessly depraved and unable to free ourselves from our own bondage of our thoughts. The inability to escape from self-destruction of our own minds. “Take thy beak from out my heart”